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Advisory Board

Adhisha Water Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Company committed to achieving the highest standards of governance, and we continuously engage with the eminent professional in their respective fields, these professionals are engaged as part of Adhisha Water Solutions advisory board on a non-remuneration basis. We seek their inputs to further refine our strategy, operations and review the product performance as we believe in delivering best quality products for our esteemed customers.

As part of our commitment, the management of Adhisha Water stays in continuous touch with the Advisory board, participate in quarterly reviews. The advisory board of Adhisha has no interest in the business of the company; it takes a guarded view on the quality, after sales service, customer satisfaction and research of our products. The board also advises the company on new focus areas and advancing measures to be undertaken.

We believe that our industry has a role to play in helping Indian consumers’ lead healthier lives. Adhisha is committed to developing and delivering a set of products that enable the Indian consumer to lead healthier lives. The Advisory Board shares this belief and guides and assists our Company to identify and highlight the evolving water safety measures, suggest viable health solutions for water purification applications and support consumer education programs that promote a healthy and safe lifestyle.

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