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Water is a vital component for the economic prosperity of any Country. India, which is home to 16% of the world’s population, has only 2.5% of the worlds land area and 4% of its water resources. Precipitation in the form of rain and snowfall provides over 4,000 TL of fresh water to the country. Most of this freshwater is carried out to the sea and ocean via many large rivers flowing across the subcontinent. A portion of this water is absorbed by the soil and is stored in underground aquifers. A much smaller percentage is stored in inland water bodies including natural (lakes and ponds) and man-made (tanks and reservoirs)

In order to play a involved role in meeting the challenges of Safe water provisioning in this country.Adhisha Water Solutions provides its diverse solutions for various sectors and provide end to end solutions of high quality to all its customers.

Our endeavour is to bring tested technology solutions for all sectors with guaranteed service delivery.

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