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Ever noticed a distinctive difference in the colour and odour of your drinking water? This is most definitely the first red flag indicating the dangers associated with impure water in your household. Secure the health of your family with sustainable and efficient water solutions from Adhisha.

We provide water softeners, drinking water filters, purifiers and various water treatment solutions for your home. We assure you quality products along with efficient services to provide your household with the best water solutions.

At Adhisha, we ensure you that you will receive the best products since we are the authorized dealers of Pentair manufactures and 3M water solutions, both of which are amongst the top Fortune 500 companies in the United States. We understand the importance of clean and pure water, which is why we offer life-long services for all our products. The essence of quality water in your house is of extreme importance today with all the different water related diseases surfacing all around the world. So don’t ignore the signs of low quality impure water in your house. Here are some signs you may be experiencing if you have impure water in your house:

  • Hard water stains on appliances
  • Bad taste and odour of drinking water
  • Soap scums in tubs and sinks
  • Water with chlorine taste or smell
  • Rusty coloured water
  • Leaky pipes due to acid water
  • Iron water staining in sink and showers
  • Rotten egg smelling water
Any one of these signs can prove to be very dangerous for your family. It is not only the drinking water in the house which needs purification but even the water you use to wash dishes or take showers. The following negative effects can appear, if you don’t take steps for purifying and filtering the water in your house:
  • Diseases and health conditions like cancer, asthma and skin irritation risks.

  • Impure water can also lead to weak immune systems particularly in children.

  • Dry and rough hair or skin can result from the frequent usage of impure water.

  • Corrosive build up in pipes and appliances is another effect of using untreated water.

  • Rough laundry leading to stains and marks on your clothes.

So, without further delay, obtain the best water solutions for your house! Get in touch with our team of professionals at Adhisha Water Solution by calling us on +91 8041127598 or send us an email at info@adhisha.com. Remember, the key to a better lifestyle begins with cleanliness at home so contact us for effective water solutions today.

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