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At Adhisha Water Solution Company, we provide reliable and innovative water filtration systems for residential, commercial and industrial customers. Our main aim is to offer our customers end-to-end water treatment solutions and products of the highest standards at competitive rates in your desired location. We provide a range of filtration products such as carbon filters, sediment filters and water filters as per your requirements. As authorized dealers of 3M and Pentair house membrane products, you can be assured that all our solutions are of reliable quality.

Water filtration systems are basically utilised to eliminate sediments, sand and rust at the main water supply. Clean water in your surrounding is necessary for better health and hygiene. At Adhisha, our water filtration systems help to eliminate harmful elements, chemicals and toxins like pesticides, chlorine, chloramines and even bacteria which can lead to potentially dangerous health conditions like respiratory illness, weak immune system and skin irritations. According to World Health Organization statistics, around 1.8 million every year die due to water-related diarrheal diseases like cholera. In addition to this, some tens of millions of others also fall prey to other water related ailments – many of which can be easily prevented by using water treatment methods.

We provide full installation service for all of your water filtration needs. Our expert staff have years of experience with installing such filtration systems in your home and office. Some of the benefits of our water filtration products include:

Benefits of our water filtration products:

  • Enhances pH balance in water

    Contributes to softer skin and hair thereby helping you to avoid excessive dryness.

  • Cost Effective

    These filtration systems are cost effective thus enabling you to easily install them in your home, apartment community or office.

  • Quick installation

    Our competent team makes sure that your product is installed correctly and in time, as per your convenience.

  • Filters out bad taste

    This system will efficiently remove bad taste and odour from the water.

  • Quality service

    Should any problem arise with our water filtration system, we will gladly assess and repair any dysfunctional equipment. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Adhisha Water Solutions provide the complete service by taking care of your water filtration products from start to end. We not only provide the products for your usage but also take care of their maintenance and repair. To know more about our filtration systems, call us on +91 8041127598 or or send us an email at info@adhisha.com Take the first step to a cleaner surrounding!

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